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Sun on the side of a custom mug

Pottery Care

Our work is created for your everyday use and enjoyment. Although pottery is very durable here are some special care instructions.

Mug use: Protect your handles they are the most common thing to break because they get knock around a lot. Warm your mug with some warm water before pouring boiling water or coffee into them thermalshock can result in cracking.

Dishwasher: We use our pottery everyday and dishwash it everyday and never have problems. When loading your dishwasher turn the handles so that they won't clink against other dishes. The rattling can cause microfractures that can weaken the handles. Don't pile pieces up. The water pressure in dishwashers can jostle pieces which could cause chipping and microfractures.

Microwave: Each functional pottery piece is fired to a temperature right around 2100-2200 degrees. They can take heat. However quick temperature changes can crack pieces. Good rule of thumb to follow is: minute and a half is fine, after that pieces will start to heat up. Each glaze heats at a different rate, so carefully check to make sure it hasn't gotten too hot. Never put empty pieces in the microwave, (keep it halffull)

If you have a favorite piece of pottery that all of a sudden starts getting very hot it probably has a microfracture that allows convection heat. I would not use that piece in the microwave anymore.

Oven: Our pottery can be used in the oven, but you need to avoid thermalshock. Do not preheat the oven. Bring pottery up to temperature with the oven. Don't put frozen stuff in a pot then put it in the oven. Don't take pottery out of the oven and put them under cold water. Any thermal shock can result in  a piece of pottery cracking. Stoneware cannot be used over a direct flame or on the stovetop.

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